Before we’re going to help Claudia at her B&B with her daily things, we wanted to enjoy our first ‘holiday’ together. So we did… We tried to take it slow: driving from city to city, beach to beach, mountains to mountains and from one little cute authentic town to the other.
With almost no trip planned in advanced and going wherever we wanted to go, made it adventurous and fun.

So here a quick summary of some crazy moments;
– Every morning I forgot to lock the bed above the driver’s seat so it wouldn’t fall down. It reminded me time after time when we hit a bump and Peet was cursing because he was being turtle-necked with the bed on his head..hahaha
– I’m became a pro in wild peeing (no further comments)
– Our dear angel Blue loves the French supermarkets. During a stubborn ‘hello freedom and fuck-you-guys moment’ he escaped the camper and run like a cheeta into the supermarket…we found him at the meat section….where else.
– Our bikes where stolen from our camper at a Parking area in Leon (Spain). Mierda happens!
– We’ve been stuck on the mountain during one of our hikes in Spain. The way back wasn’t meant to be for city people….I think it was there for the goats. So a 1,5 hour hike took 4.
– We’ve had an ‘ALMOST stuck experience’ at 6.00 am in the morning on a road between two grass fields which were flooded with water. We thought it was just some water on the road….till our wheels where totally under and our camper was in survival mode to get out. But we made it! Thanks to whoever was watching us at that moment.
– We’ve had an ‘TOTALLY stuck experience’ on our way to the B&B of Claudia ( We where to naive by trusting google maps too much. This road wasn’t good for campers and vans. The right road was 100 meters ahead from us. So we called the SOS emergency ‘we-are-stuck’ line and within 1,5 hour they came to the rescue. All part of the adventure 🙂
– My ‘cleaning the floor fetish’ was tested big time: Rain, grass, Blue’s dirty paws, rain soaked jackets, cow and pig shit (when we stopped because Miss Buddha was overheating) and Blue who vomited big time without giving a sign. But hey I survived…somehow! 😉

The happy hike(face)…when we where not stuck yet 🙂

Nevertheless the rest of the trip was pretty nice, hahaha. Like I said we took it slow, visited friends, being with locals and try to start a conversation while mixing 4 languages (English, French, Spanish, Portugees). I’m not sure who was more confused by this…..
The days were simple and relaxed. From just walking the dog and watching him having a great time, to discovering this cute coffee house where we drink some coffee and share some food and stories with the locals (who didn’t seems to worry at all about this thing that we call ‘time’) 😊.

To quit our jobs, put my vegan chef life ‘on hold’, breaking up with old habits and started traveling was exactly what we needed. Now we are able to give our goal our fullest attention; finding 50 acres of land and start our dream! It’s quite a big one but Peet has this motto: “if the dream doesn’t scare you, it ain’t big enough!” (well I can tell you, IT scares the sh*t out of me!). But this is our number one goal for now. How it will unfold only time will tell. Nevertheless we know what we want and how we want it and each day this gets more clear! Where? That’s still the question…..Of course there is a lot to learn (learning a new language, connect with the locals, build new relationships, explore the country etc.). But we do it with a smile 🙂

So, do not hesitate and feel free to contact us if you want to donate your 50 acres, it might save us some time ;).

For now we will enjoy this lovely place at Claudia’s B&B (Leiria Portugal) where we just arrived and help her with the work that needs to be done in and around the Quinta.

Our cute and cosy apartment at DA quinta

TBC xxx