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‘Food is everything. it’s a medicine, it’s energy, it brings you back to your roots, it’s delicious, it’s about nurturing yourself and others….. and how simple a meal can be, it should be a celebration every day’



“If you ask me, there is no truth about food”

Every human body is different and unique. So when it comes to food and nurture yourself…then there is no ‘one size fits all’. However, I truly belief in balance and for me a plant based lifestyle with a variety of; grains, beans, veggies, seeds, seaweed and pickles works best.

I cook on location (mostly for retreats based on personal and spiritual development), share knowledge, provide cooking classes and organize diners. The ingredients I use are locally grown vegetables and organic products. Creating something out of nothing is wat makes me happy. Fresh herbs, colors, different structures, seasonal products and a little bit of me ;), is my magic equipment in the kitchen .

“To nourish you body and mind, food should be of high quality. It keeps you focused, centered and more happy. That’s what I believe”

What you need to know about me

  • After working for 10 years in the financial sector, I’ve made a transition; quit my job, followed different studies and became certified as a vegan plant based chef and natural health coach
  • I love to walk in the forrest….in my own bubble and do some wild foraging
  • Mornings are the best; yoga, running, walking with my dog and be creative!
  • I have a serious porridge addiction
  • What I do, I do with passion and energy
  • I’m open, curious, enthusiastic and love to connect with people
  • Stubborn, being a perfectionist and not wanting too much too fast is still something I’ve to work on
  • I will not push you to eat plant based, however I will do my very best to awaken your enthusiasm and inspire you 🙂


T. +31 (0) 62 702 42 77
KvK-nummer: 63967456
BTW-identificatienummer: NL001549952B75